Images that Stand Out...  Capture Memories that Last Forever...

A passion for photography plus the ability to create unique images which express that passion, is what makes a photographer stand out from the crowd...

When we combine this passion with a strong desire to you exactly what you want, you have a piece of art you will cherish for a lifetime!

Many photographers like working in the controlled environment of a studio, but when it comes to people pictures, while I am comfortable with studio work I prefer the candid approach which captures my subjects relaxed & in their natural environment. making the image more  personal, more authentic & far more memorable!

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Our  Photography Services...

Family Portraits & Pets

either in our studio, in your home or in any picturesque location - groups included.


Environmental Portraits

show you in your natural environment, whether at work or at play - useful for press releases, magazine articles or just plain fun!


Headshots for Individuals, Actors & Executives

make you look your best - look professional, attractive & eminently 'hirable' to stand out from the crowd.


For even greater impact, ask about our 'Headshot Videos'

for saying your piece on a website or in your portfolio DVD, in a way that is dynamic, interactive & truly memorable.


Event Photography

to record parties, weddings, receptions, gatherings to preserve those memories forever...


Real Estate Photography

to make any home look positively attractive to your prospective buyers


Real Estate Videos or 360 Interactive Virtual Tours

showcase those high-end home sales, complete with beautiful transitions, background music & even a voiceover narration should you need one.


Sports Photography

capture those thrilling moments at the height of the action - be it on land or sea...


Photo Retouching & Repair

Our 15 years + of experience with Photoshop, scanning & other image editing software allows us to achieve the seemingly impossible when it comes to retouching, editing, modifying, correcting or otherwise manipulating any image - either your images or the ones we shoot.


Green Screen Imaging  (Chroma-key)

allows us to photograph you in front of a 'green screen' & replace the background with the image of your choice - want to pose in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? No problem! Just give us a call & we'll work our magic - its way less expensive & far more cost-effective than you might imagine.